UrbanIxD: Designing Human Interactions in the Networked City 

Exhibition and Symposium, Venice, Italy

Full details: www.citydatafuture.eu

Exhibition: 24 September – 7 October 2014 

Symposium: 25 September 2014 

Venue: Telecom Italia Future Centre, Venice, Italy  

Alongside the UrbanIxD exhibition taking place in Venice, the project is presenting a one-day symposium to encourage debate and discussion around the themes of the exhibition, and of the UrbanIxD project itself. 

Keynote Speaker: Dan Hill

To round off the day, Martin Brynskov will host a discussion panel to debate the emerging themes of Urban Interaction Design. Panelists will include: 

Dave Carter, Centre for Urban Policy Studies, University of Manchester, UK

Paul Dourish, University of California, Irvine, USA

Martijn de Waal, The Mobile City, the Netherlands

Lea Rekow, Green My Favela, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Tobias Revell, ARUP, Superflux, The Royal College of Art, UK

This interdisciplinary symposium is aimed at participants from domains such as: Design, Interaction Design, Architecture, Urban Design & Planning, Media Architecture, New Media Art, Sociology, Anthropology & other related fields.

Full details will be announced soon on the symposium website, along with the programme of papers, presentations and poster. Symposium registration here


Dan Hill

Executive Director, Futures and Best Practice

Dan Hill is Executive Director of Futures and Best Practice for the Future Cities Catapult. A designer and urbanist, Dan previously served as CEO of Italian communications research centre and design studio, Fabrica, and has held leadership positions at the Finish Innovation Fund, SITRA, as well as Arup, Monocle, and the BBC.


The City Data Future exhibition is a culmination of the work that has been carried out over the two-year duration of the UrbanIxD project, in particular the work of the UrbanIxD Summer School held in 2013.

The UrbanIxD Project

UrbanIxD is a 2 year European project that will build a research network around the domain of data-rich urban environments, focusing on human activities, experiences and behaviours.

Urban Informatics

A transformation is taking place in how our cities work. Cites are being laced with sensors and mobile technologies that are generating a myriad of urban informatics experiences. A digital landscape overlays our physical world and is expanding to offer ever-richer experiences. In the cities of the future, computing isn’t just with us; it surrounds us, and it uses the context of our environment to empower us in more natural, yet powerful ways.

Critical Design

By employing a Critical Design methodology the UrbanIxD project will provide an opportunity to re-think what intelligent connected communities of the future might actually look like. It will question the premise of the smart city and will develop a community of researchers with a shared commitment to the foregrounding of the human experience in the field of Urban Interaction Design.

If you would like to be part of this community and want to shape the vision of the future city, then join the UrbanIxD network.

Urban Interaction Design Summer School, August 2013

The UrbanIxD project Summer School in Split, Croatia was an interdisciplinary interaction design event. There was a line up of inspirational speakers, and participants worked in groups lead by experienced atelier leaders. At the end of the week, the work, inspired by a critical design/design fiction approach, was presented as an open exhibition.

UrbanIxD Summer School: August 2013: Full details about the work and the projects.

The summer school reader: the document to accompany the Summer School event.



From Urban Space to Future Place. Read about how the UrbanIxD summer school applied critical design and design fiction to future urban technologies.

Read online on Issuu or download a pdf file from the booksprints for ICT research website.

Conversation  with Manu Fernández, Tobias Revell and Han Pham. Tweet chat  Storified here.

Conversation  with Manu Fernández, Tobias Revell and Han Pham.

Tweet chat  Storified here.

Urban Interaction Design:

Towards City Making

Describing emerging trends within a forming field. Read online, print or download.

Mapping Urban Interaction Design:

Interactive Timeline