The UrbanIxD Symposium

City | Data | Future: Interactions in hybrid urban space

Proceedings: Papers, presentations and posters

On 25th September 2014, the UrbanIxD project presented a one-day symposium to encourage debate and discussion around the themes of the UrbanIxD project. This event took place at the Telecom Italia Future Centre, Venice, Italy.

The symposium encouraged debate around the key research challenges for the future of the new domain of Urban Interaction Design, seeking to place people at the centre of design for interactive products and services in the urban environment. Interaction Design, in an urban context, (UrbanIxD) is an increasingly important, interdisciplinary field of research. Cities are fast becoming a hybrid of the physical environment and the digital world. How we, as physical beings, will connect with, interpret and adapt this increasing dataflow residing in our cities is already becoming a significant research question.

The symposium started with a keynote talk titled "It’s time to do smart cities properly" by designer and urbanist, Dan Hill, executive Director of Futures and Best Practice for the Future Cities Catapult in the UK. Eight papers covering academic and design practice topics were presented during the day, and posters were displayed during the breaks. The formal proceedings concluded with a panel discussion chaired by Martin Brynskov. The panelists were: Dave Carter, Centre for Urban Policy Studies, University of Manchester, UK; Paul Dourish, University of California, Irvine, USA; Martijn de Waal, The Mobile City, the Netherlands; Lea Rekow, Green My Favela, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Tobias Revell, ARUP, Superflux, The Royal College of Art, UK. At the end of the day participants enjoyed a reception and exhibition viewing, sponsored by the Media Architecture Biennale 2014

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Papers (pdf): 

A closer look at the UrbanIxD summer school design fictions through the meta-lens of dissensus and agonism
Søren Rosenbak

Augmenting Urban Experiences : From Interface To Interspace 
Carola Moujan 

Contextual design research towards a new relationship among space, people and technology in a smart city
Assunta Matassa, Rossana Simeoni

Connect or Not: Exploring Seamless Infrastructures Through Out-Bodied Interaction
Selena Savic, Jeffrey Huang

Design as Curator for Urban Discourses
Andreas Unteidig, Gesche Joost

Exploring Design Seeds for Urban Transformation
Pietro Costa, Vanessa De Luca, Michele Zannoni

Post-Optimal Cities
Paolo Patelli

When the Networks Collapse, Gaps Take Over
Nikola Bojic

Poster abstracts (pdf): 

Allegory of the past for reality of the future
Hadzic Ena, Ibrahimpasic Maja

Augmented Urban Experience through Mediated Spatial Narratives
Ava Fatah gen. Schieck, Ana Maria Moutinho, Efsathia Kostopoulou, Russell Freeman, Shanaka Senevirathne, Chirag Grover

Automated Trust Machine 101
Alastair Steele

BIRLOKI system: an Urban Space Activator for the Singapore Smart City
Sara Lenzi, Juan Sádaba                                               

Andrew Wilson, Paola Zanotto

Composing our urban interactions : the Universal Composition Lab at UCL
Sara Adhitya

CONTACT: Facilitating Information Sharing Between Strangers Using Hyperlocal Community Wireless NetworksPanayotis Antoniadis, Ileana Apostol, Andreas Unteidig, Gesche Joost

Creating New Forms of Urban Experience. The case study “Neighborfood”
Sonia Massari

Hashtag-City: Constructing a New Public Space at Civic Square in São José do Rio Preto, São Paulo, Brazil
Evandro Fiorin, Julia Amarante de Souza, Tâmara Rodrigues Moreno  

Participatory Citizens & Hybrid Cities: Imagining Green Spaces in Manchester’s Northern Quarter
Rebecca Taylor, Michael Stead

Rethinking Interaction Design for Hybrid Urban Space
Matthias Wölfel, Ulrich Gehmann, Marco Zampella

Tactics for the Library in the Augmented City
Siri Johansson

(un)tethered polyphonies
Paolo Patelli