Welcome to the UrbanIxD Blog

As part of the UrbanIxD project's commitment to building a community in the area of Urban Interaction Design and, critically, to provide a platform for both researchers and practitioners working in the area, we are proud to announce the start of the UrbanIxD blog. Over the coming months we shall invite researchers and practitioners to share their thoughts on all things urban.

But don't wait for us to contact you. If you have thoughts on the Smart City; have a vision of urban life of the future; have an insight into the trends and ideas that will shape the city of the future, or simply if you have seen something in your city that you would like to share and are tempted to write a blog post, then the UrbanIxD project would like to hear from you.

Get it off your chest and write a blog post for UrbanIxD, its cheaper than therapy and it just could help to start a community.

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